• I am dedicated to finding the most elegant and customer-focused solution across disciplines and platforms.

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  • I develop a language, look and strategy to best articulate my client's value.

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  • It's not just design, I lend my many skills to create a brand experience.

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A Few Things I've Done

I have had the opportunity to create marketing strategy and collateral for a wide array of topics, events, intiatives and organizations. This small sampling of my work represents some of my most recent pieces and projects.

Things I do well

I have developed a wide array of skills, utilizing both the right and left sides of the brain. While my recent body of work is missing what once made up the most significant portion of my portfolio (web design), I am still up to date on the developments in HTML5 and CSS3 and consider myself, above all else, a user-experience designer using my powers of critical thinking and evaluation to create meaningful marketing campaigns.


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Problem Solving

Branding + Design

UX + Evaluation


Things About Me

Anna K. Stokes

I am a Philadelphia-based marketing professional with a passion for design and technology. My days find me at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia leading cross-platform marketing strategy and a team of six talented marketing and design professionals. When I'm not in the office I can be found doing a bit of consulting and freelance design. I recently completed my MSIS at Drexel's College of Computing and Informatics and continue to bring an IS and UX focus to my marketing practice. On weekends I can be found digging through record stores or enjoying the great outdoors with my husband or hanging out at home in the Art Museum area with our cat Joe.